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Franka Potente’s Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Biography

Franka Potente Height Weight Body Measurements


Franka Potente has a banana shaped body. Below is all her body measurements including height, weight, shoe size, dress size, bra size and more!

Franka was born 22 July 1974 in Munster, West Germany into the family with a little of a Sicilian ancestry that accounts for her last name. She took acting seriously since early age and studied at Otto Falckenberg School of Performing Arts. She appeared in many movies, including The Bourne Identity, Creep, and Muse. In 2012, Potentee married her long-term boyfriend.

Body Measurements Statistics

All body measurements including for example shoe size, height and weight.

Height: 5’ 9” (175 cm)
Weight: 131 pounds (59 kg)
Body shape: Banana
Dress size: 6
Breasts-Waist-Hips: 35-26-35 inches (89-66-89 cm)
Shoe size: 10
Bra size: 36A
Cup size: A
Breast implants or natural?: Natural


“I always performed when I was a child. My parents got very annoyed, because my brother and I had our little bedrooms upstairs, and I would plaster the house with posters with arrows pointing upstairs.” (Franka Potente)

“I think working with Johnny Depp was very intimidating. It was my fault though. I mean he’s a total cool nice, nice guy, but I was just so, I don’t know, overpowered by his presence. Like he’s a very mystic person. He’s older so I never really warmed up around him. I was so stiff.” (Franka Potente)

“What really makes a hero a hero is if you take that person’s hand, and you walk with that person, and they have a lot of weaknesses, but in the end, they overcome all of their obstacles.” (Franka Potente)

“I don’t like actors who try to talk directors into making their part bigger and that’s really lame.” (Franka Potente)

“I just want to be able to sit on grass as long as I want to, without anybody telling me to leave. Everything is so restricted, here, in that you actually have to stand behind a line, you can’t go up the Canyon and enjoy the view.” (Franka Potente)