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Jennifer Tilly Actor


What’s the height and weight of this stunning actor? Jennifer Tilly has an amazing body, to be sure. Below is a list of all her known body measurements and more!

Jennifer was born September 16, 1958 in Los Angeles, California. Her professional career started in eighties. Since then, Tilly appeared in countless movies and TV shows. She became really famous in the role of Tiffany in 1998 movie Bride of Chucky. This success was extended by Seed of Chucky and Curse of Chucky.

Body Measurements Statistics

All Jennifer Tilly’s body measurements including for example shoe size, height and weight.

Body shape:Round
Dress size:8
Breasts-Waist-Hips:40-28-38 inches (102-71-97 cm)
Shoe size:8.5
Bra size:36D
Cup size:D
Height:5 Feet 6 Inches (169 cm)
Weight:155 lbs (70.5 kg)
Natural breasts or implants:
Net Worth:$25 Million


A way you can get really good abs in film is you get your makeup artist to paint shadows – faux washboard. But if you see me in a movie and I have great abs, it means I have a great body double.

Jennifer Tilly

I won $100,000 in Vegas, which buys furniture for my beach house. That takes nerves. You can’t think if I’m wrong I’ll blow $30,000.

Jennifer Tilly

My mother had all these maxims – like, classy girls never chew gum, never read comic books, never get their ears pierced, never get their hair dyed.

Jennifer Tilly

I had a problem with cops pulling me over all the time for speeding. When I was doing Hill Street Blues, the cops said how much they loved the show as they were writing me up; meanwhile my insurance went through the roof.

Jennifer Tilly

If you have Julia Roberts in a movie you’re never really afraid for her because you know she’s not going to die.

Jennifer Tilly