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There’s something beautiful about Martin Mull and his body. All of the actor’s known body measurements are summarized below!

Martin Mull Net Worth and Salary: Martin Mull is an American actor who has a net worth of $8 million. Martin Mull was born August 18, 1943 in Chicago, Illinois. While still a student and struggling artist, Martin began writing songs and performing. He started as part of a group called Soop and he performed on one album called In the Soop.

Martin mull was divorced twice due to his physical problems. Later he found his sweetheart Wendy Haas Mull who cares for him a lot with his issues. They have a girl named Maggie. In an interview called “the green room,” he identified himself as an agnostic being sure not to grudge the choice of someone else or whatever they did. He is a handsome Cleveland Browns fan.

Body Measurements Statistics

All Martin Mull’s body measurements including for example shoe size, height and weight.

Body shape:N/A
Dress size:N/A
Shoe size:N/A
Bra size:N/A
Cup size:N/A
Height:5 Feet 10 Inches (178 cm)
Weight:165 lbs (75 kg)
Natural breasts or implants:
Net Worth:$8 Million


You’d be surprised at how undemanding acting is.

Martin Mull

Some of the pictures I must say every now and then I just think are going to be funny. When it gets that much, you might as well just pull out all the stops and make it more of a burlesque.

Martin Mull

It’s hard to decide if TV makes morons out of everyone, or if it mirrors Americans who really are morons to begin with.

Martin Mull

You’d have to think that you’re at least decent, or you couldn’t get up every morning and do it. I think if I live long enough, I might be pretty good.

Martin Mull

To be able to get up and be in my studio and work all day is a great joy.

Martin Mull